8" Colorful Color Design | Glass Marble Design | Glass Swirl Design | Soft Glass Water Pipe

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Part Number:WP-107
  • Size:8"
  • Fitting:Glass Slider Bowl
  • Function:Herbal
  • Style:Soft Glass Water Pipe Bong
  • Color:Color Design Throughout
  • Extra Features:Glass Design | Glass Marble Design
  • Comes Complete:Yes
How could you resist this colorful piece, even if you already have a dozen or none you have to have this.
This piece is about 8 inches tall, The bottom starts as a bubble shape sitting on a thick glass base which is very nice looking and holds more water than straight water pipes, this is good because there is more water for the smoke to filter through allowing a smoother hit. The mouth piece tube has a unique design using colored glass which swirls around the bong several times. The entire piece is a green colored glass which is see through. Along the entire piece is a unique mix of yellow, red, blue, orange and more color design inside the glass which is completely randomly designed and different on every single piece making each bong extra unique. The back of the bottom water chamber bubble is a large glass marble, it has a creative splash of color inside just to add to the individuality of these water pipes. No 2 are alike.
This beautiful work of art comes complete with a slider bowl, The bowl is a perfect shape as it is deep but wide allowing you to put as little or as much bomb weed as you want every time. The bowl also has a long glass arm for easier pull and use.
This bong may be called soft glass but most people do not know that soft glass bongs are actually thicker and heavier than most bongs. The difference is the way the glass was melted down and put together when manufactured. Soft glass is not so condensed, you might even see some air bubbles or empty spots in the glass.